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We now offer FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. Orders!

Since inception, we've always offered a low price for our products, and allowed USPS to calculate shipping costs. The farther from Indiana you are, the more you will pay for shipping (especially to California!). Since our Large 15 oz Mugs weigh more than a pound, shipping cost ends up being more than half the cost of the mug!

We then offered free shipping if you spent over $39, since shipping cost per item goes down substantially per item. The shipping cost difference between buying 1 coffee mug vs. 2 is very minimal.

We've decided to streamline our process to make everything simpler and affordable to all. We've decided to offer Free Shipping on all of our Products! So no matter where you live, the price of your awesome mug, can cooler, or other personalized gift will be the same!

So enjoy the free shipping, there is no minimum purchase required!

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